Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 promotes greater openness and accountability across the public sector and gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities, subject to exemptions.

You can also request information about the personal data the council holds about you.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is an independent body that enforces the Freedom of Information Act, the Data Protection Act and the Environmental Information Regulations, and has produced some guidance at https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/official-information/ on what to consider before making your request.

How to make a request

To make a request, contact the Town Clerk, Arren Roberts:

  • By email at [email protected] or,
  • By post at Oswestry Town Council, The Guildhall, Oswestry SY11 1PZ

We will respond within 20 working days of receipt. The request must be made in writing and include:

  • Your full name and address (or email address)
  • The specific details of the information you require including dates.

Refused Requests

We will provide you with the information unless there is a good reason for not doing so – for example if your request relates to the personal details of another person. If we decline your request, we will let you know why we made this decision. If you do not agree, you can ask us to reconsider our decision. If the request is still declined, you can ask the Information Commissioner’s Office to review the decision.

Freedom of Information (July 2022)

You can submit a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act on any of the following subjects:


Core Classes

Council Internal Practice And Procedure

  • Minutes of Council and Committees – limited to the last 2 years (via Council offices)
  • Agendas and supporting papers for council, committee and working groups, limited in each case to the forthcoming meeting (via Council offices or online)
  • Copy of Standing Orders (via Council offices)
  • Council and Committee terms of reference (via Council offices)

Code Of Conduct

  • Members Declaration of Acceptance of Office (via Council offices)
  • All issues relating to Register of Interests to be viewed by arrangement with the Monitoring Officer at Shropshire Council
    (via Shropshire Council)

Periodic Electoral Review

  • Information relating to the latest boundary review of the Council area. (via Council offices)

Employment Practice And Procedure

  • Terms and conditions of employment (via Council offices)
  • Staffing structure (via Council offices)
  • Job descriptions (via Council offices)
  • Equal Opportunities Policy (via Council offices)
  • Health and Safety Policy (via Council offices)

Please note: Personal records are excluded from Freedom of In formation requests i.e. Appraisals, employee specific salary details, disciplinary records, sickness records and the like by virtue of being personal data under the Data Protection.

Planning Documents

  • Responses to planning applications (via Council offices)

Audit And Accounts

  • Annual return form – limited to last financial year (via Council offices)
  • Annual Statutory report by auditor ( internal and external) – limited to the last financial year (via Council offices)
  • Receipt/Payment books, Receipt Books of all kinds, Bank statements from all accounts – limited to the last financial year. (via Council offices)
  • Precept request – limited to the last financial year. (via Council offices)
  • VAT records – limited to the last financial year. (via Council offices)
  • Financial Standing Orders and regulations (via Council offices)
  • Assets register (via Council offices)
  • Risk assessments (via Council offices)
  • Fees and charges applied by the Council (via Council offices)
  • Register / file of members allowances (via Council offices)
  • Exclusions – all commercially sensitive information e.g. quotations and tenders, loan documentation and insurance policies. (via Council offices)

Optional Classes

Development And Implementation Of Policy

  • Policy statements issued by the Council (via Council offices)
  • Responses made by the Council to consultation papers (via Council offices)
  • Complaints handling procedure (via Council offices)


  • Made for the regulation of a pleasure ground or public open space (via Council offices)

Council Circular / Newsletters

  • Town, parish, community guide (via Council offices)


  • Plans (via Council offices)
  • Standard tenancy agreements (via Council offices)
  • Exclusions – individual tenancy agreements and rent payment records under both privacy and data protection laws. (via Council offices)

Best Value

  • Best Value Performance Plan (via Council offices)
  • Best Value Inspection reports (via Council offices)