Oswestry Town Charities

Oswestry Town Charities comprises the Charities of Eure & Smale (Smales Cottage almshouses) and the Richard Wycherley Charity.

The Charities are administered by three Nominative Trustees, three co-optative Trustees together with three Ex-officio Trustees being the Vicar of Oswestry, the Minister of the Holy Trinity Church and President of Churches Together in Oswestry.



Councillor Miss B.Y. Gull; Co-optative Trustee

Mr Henry Thomas; Co-optative Trustee

Mrs C Hawksley; Co-optative Trustee

Councillor Rosie Redford; Nominative Trustee

Councillor D Kerr; Nominative Trustee & Chairman

Councillor Mike Isherwood; Nominative Trustee

Reverend Paul Darlington, Holy Trinity Church, Ex-Officio Trustee

Reverend H Gibbons, St Oswalds Parish Church, Ex-Officio Trustee

Eure & Smale

The administration of 10 Almshouses situated in Arundel Road, Oswestry. The qualification for residency being for poor persons of good character who have resided in the Town of Oswestry for not less than one year.

The Charity employs a semi-retired caretaker who resides at the Cottages and looks after the general well being of residents. The Homelink alarm system is installed for residents to use in an emergency.

Over recent years Trustees have been successful in raising funds to completely refurbish 8 of the cottages increasing living accommodation and improving the lives of existing and future residents.

Charities Eure Smale
Charities Eure Smale 2

Charity of Richard Wycherley for Advancement in Life

A Charity with aims to assist persons resident in the town of Oswestry under age 25 who are in need of assistance and who are preparing for, or entering upon, or engaged in any profession, trade, occupation or service by providing them with outfits, tools or books, or by payment of fees, travelling or maintenance expenses or by such other means for their advancement in life to enable them to earn their own living as Trustees think fit.