Parking Excess Charge Notices

If you have received a parking ticket, the fine will be £40 if paid within 72 hours or £80 if paid after 72 hours of the ticket being issued.

Any fines occurred after 4pm on a Friday can be paid on the following Monday morning.

If you wish to appeal the Excess Charge Notice, please see the guidance below.

Make a Payment

To pay a car parking fine, please have your ECN number ready.

Your ECN number will be found in the top corner of the excess charge notice.

Excess Charge Notice (ECN) Appeal Procedure

  • Appeals must be received within 5 days of issue of the notice.
  • Appeals must be in writing and submitted to [email protected] or posted to Oswestry Town Council.
  • Telephone appeals or appeals in person will not be considered.
  • Parking Attendants cannot cancel or revoke an ECN once issued.
  • The outcome of the appeal will be notified within 5 working days of appeal submission.
  • If an appeal is not upheld, payment will be due within 5 working days from the date the appeal decision is submitted.
  • If payment is not received within 5 working days of the appeal outcome, the council may take the matter to the Magistrates Court.
  • Once an ECN is paid, any appeal regarding that ECN will not be considered.


To speed up the appeal process, please ensure your appeal includes the following:

  • ECN reference number (found in top corner of the notice)
  • Car registration number
  • Date & time of ticket issued
  • Car Park where ticket was issued
  • Reasons for the appeal
  • Any other evidence suitable to the appeal