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Wildlife Planting at Oswestry Cemetery

Sarah Gibson, Communications Officer at Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Oswestry Branch, along with Jacky Leather and David Hardwick were today planting wildflowers at Oswestry Cemetery.

Sarah said "Shropshire Wildlife Trust's Oswestry branch has previously worked with Oswestry Town Council on the Flowers for Bees project in Cae Glas Park and Arren Roberts invited us to come up with an idea for commemorating the people buried in unmarked graves. The wildflowers planted here will be a beautiful way of honouring their memory.

We have planted: cowslips, violets, knapweed, field scabious, ladysmock and ox-eye daisies. Yellow rattle seed has also been sown. This annual plant has a yellow flower and is very attractive to bees. It is also known as 'the meadow-maker', as it is semi-parasitic on grasses, enabling other, less dominant species to grow."

Friday 16 October 2020

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