Tree Planting

Ahead of #TreeCharterDay on Saturday The Mayor, Councillor John Price has been busy today planting trees at Brogyntyn in Oswestry.

Oswestry Town Council have an aspiration to plant 17,000 trees in the town and surrounding areas by working with the local schools and the community - that's 1 tree per Oswestry resident. If you are planting a tree please share a photo with us on twitter. The Council adopted a notice of motion in the name of Councillor Olly Rose and a Facebook page @OswesTrree has been set up to record and share tree planting.

Trees have also been planted close to the garden of remembrance at Oswestry Cemetery.

This is only a small contribution to the total but as the Woodland Trust identify " Trees are able to remove excess carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere and convert it into oxygen (O2) via a process called photosynthesis. They take in CO2 and water and when combined with suitable light conditions, they produce glucose, and oxygen that is then released into the atmosphere. They are vital in ensuring that our atmosphere remains oxygen-rich."

The Council is also taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint with the aim of being carbon neutral by 2030.

#TreeCharterDay #NationalTreeWeek #BigClimateFightback

Friday 29 November 2019

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