The Mayor of Oswestry launches a new challenge: Marching in March in the Marches.

Cllr Duncan Kerr has been the Mayor of Oswestry since May 2020, it has been a hard time for many residents but a difficult time to also raise money for the local charities who support them. He explained “At the start of my term I announced I would be donating my entire mayoral allowance to the Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service, but I also wanted to do something to support Hope House Children’s Hospice.

Along with many other charities they have lost a lot in income during the pandemic. It's taken a bit of creative thinking to design a Covid-compliant event, but I am delighted to launch the first of what I hope will become an annual event in the Oswestry Calendar the 3M challenge: Marching in March in the Marches.

The challenge has three levels so everyone can participate. From M1 which involves running or cycling just over 55 km over the month of March; to the M3 challenge which is nearly 300 km of running or cycling in the same month.

Whatever distance you do the mental and physical health benefits are significant. Full details of the challenge, along with sponsorship forms and information on how to enter it are available at Hope House websites  Entry is just £10, and I pledge that every single penny raised will be paid directly to Hope House.

We hope that participants will share the highs and lows of participating on the social media accounts of both these organisations and search for "Marching in March in the Marches" on social media.

Lynsey Kilvert Fundraising Manager of Hope House added "The past year has been really challenging for us. Our shops doors have been closed and our fundraising events cancelled. We ended 2020 facing £1.37 million in lost income and our finances continue to struggle as we begin 2021. We are so grateful to the Mayor of Oswestry for choosing to support Hope House with his 3M challenge. Only with the help of wonderful supporters like Cllr Duncan Kerr, will Hope House be there for every local child that needs us."

The 3M Challenge:

What is it:

A Covid-compliant challenge with different levels for all abilities to raise money for Hope House Childrens Hospice.

Who benefits?

In addition to helping you get fit, every penny of the £10 minimum registration fee will go to Hope House Children's Hospice. You can also help them by getting sponsorship.

How does it work?

The objective is to complete 10 challenges by walking, running or cycling (or a mixture of all three), in your own locality, during the month of March 2021.

For the M1 level, the length of the challenges is 1Km, 2 km 3km etc up to 10km.

For the M2 level it is 11km, 12 km etc up to 20km, and

For the M3 level it is 21km, 22 km 23 km etc up to 31 km (after all there are 31 days in March!)

You have maximum flexibility you can choose your route, the days you exercise and the order you complete them in.

How do I participate?

Its easy just go to the Hope House website ( and make a single donation of £10 (or more if you like!). Say in the "description" box that you are completing the M3 challenge.

What will I get?

It's been a difficult year for many of us and Hope house has suffered financially since the start of the pandemic so have less administrative staff at present. Oswestry Town Council is also committed to becoming zero carbon so we don't want to give away anything that isn't wanted. So this time we aren't providing any sweets, merchandise or T-shirts. However we are pledging that each and every penny you raise will go straight to Hope House.

How can I raise more money and tell people about my achievements?

You can create an online giving page by visiting or email lynsey.kilvert(at) for sponsorship forms. Please feel free to keep everyone else informed of your progress by making posts on both the Hope House and Oswestry Town Council social media accounts.

Who organised this Challenge?

The event was conceived by Cllr Duncan Kerr, the Mayor of Oswestry, with support from Hope House. The logo was designed for free by Sarah Honnor.

Keeping Safe.

Stay safe and exercise social distancing when undertaking the challenge. Whenever possible choose routes where you are separated from traffic. It's a good idea to wear bright clothing. You are participating at your own risk.

Have fun, enjoy yourself, and let us know whether you think we should do it again next year!

Monday 8 February 2021

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