Cae Glas Park celebrates its 110th birthday

Earlier this year Pam Willing from the Oswestry Family and local History Group reminded the Town Council that on 23rd June it will be 110 years since the Cae Glas Park was opened to the public.

Attached are articles from the Border Counties Advertizer describing Cae Glas Park being formally opened on Thursday 23rd June 1910. Pam says " I particularly like the item from the Shrewsbury Chronicle dated 10th June, where mention is made of allowing Oswestry United Football Club to hold a dance in the park. What a sight that must have been - this was the period when Ragtime music was becoming popular and I can imagine people in their Edwardian clothes doing dances such as The Bunny Hug; The Cake Walk; The Turkey Trot: and the Grizzley Bear "

Our park gets its name 'Cae Glas' from the old Cae Glas Mansion which existed on this site and was owned by a Mr. C. Jones of Rossett until 1909, when it was sold to the Oswestry Corporation [now Oswestry Town Council]. The grand pillared gates which inscribe the names of our glorious dead were only erected following the Great War. As you can see from the photograph the original Park was more basic. The bowling green was only purchased by the Corporation in the 1930s, so this would have literally been a village green with a concrete pathway, with two attractive entrances - one on Church Street and one on Welsh Walls, opposite the Holbache House.

Source Oswestry Advertizer & P Willing

Tuesday 23 June 2020

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