As the country's leading markets organisation NABMA, The National Association of British Market Authorities, has successfully promoted the interests of its local members for over 80 years. Membership benefits include professional advice, a lively forum for discussion and a key role in shaping the future of markets. Membership is open to any local or public authority having control of retail, wholesale, livestock markets, public abattoirs and pleasure fairs.

Fresh Flowers on Market Stall
Graham Wilson (NABMA Chief Executive Officer)
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Our priorities for 2016 are set out below:

  1. To support the work of the CLG Working Group which will raise the profile of markets and provide resources to markets in terms of good practice, management models and business support.
  2. To provide our members with support to operate their markets in an effective way by the provision of health checks, free half day consultancy and bespoke consultancy services via Nabma Consultancy Services.
  3. To provide a forum for members to exchange views on a range of market matters through a web based forum and the circulation of member information requests that will be translated in to information notes for members available via the website.
  4. To provide opportunities for networking, sharing of good practice and dissemination of information through the provision of market forums, seminars, conferences and events.
  5. To provide training by the provision of specialist market courses and the development of a recognised qualification for market officers.
  6. To strengthen links with other markets organisation through the Retail Markets Alliance and also support the development of the London Markets Association
  7. To develop the monthly newsletter as a means of providing updated information on market matters.
  8. To develop new partnership arrangements with organisations and potential sponsors that have a direct, or potential interest, in markets.

An important part of NABMAs membership offer is a training and development programme aimed at increasing the professional standards in the management and delivery of markets.

If markets are to remain an important issue for policy makers then the voice of markets must be heard at all levels of government and Nabma is ideally equipped to deliver this important role.

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