Cae Glas Park

Cae Glas Park is a feature park in the town centre of Oswestry. The seven acre site is regarded as one of the town's major tourist attractions by locals and visitors alike.


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The site includes large areas of carefully maintained open space, the 'SportsVillage', a bowling green, children's play area, the Memorial Gates and large areas of spring and summer bedding displays. In addition the Park has a traditional bandstand, public conveniences, a pavilion, greenhouses and a house which is rented out.

It is a site of outstanding beauty with immediate access to the town centre, residential properties, and other local sites of tourism and heritage value, such as St Oswald's Parish Church and the Old School House.

The Park is a true community facility for the people of Oswestry and District. It hosts Oswestry Music Live, fun days, sponsored walks, bowling and tennis competitions and band concerts.

Cae Glas Management Group

The Oswestry Cae Glas Management Group have agreed to implement a deadline of 1st May 2022 for any future 3rd party event applications to be held in Cae Glas Park next Summer.

This will enable better promotion of events and provide enough time to gather the necessary paperwork. If anyone wishes to hold an event in the Park, please inform the Guildhall office as soon as possible on 01691 680222 or davidclough(at)

Cae Glas Park Games

Games available in the Park;

Crazy Golf - £1.50 adult, 50p junior

Tennis - £2.20 adult, £1.00 junior

Bowling - £2.00 adult, £1 junior

Astro Turf Court Day - £5.50
Evening - £15.50

Football Day - £6.50
Evening - £16.50

View of Cae Glas Park
View of Cae Glas Park
View of Cae Glas Park
View of Cae Glas Park

Historical Development and Site History

Watkin History of Oswestry refers to the site of Cae Glas originally accommodating Cae Glas Mansion which is referred to in the Church Terrier of 1791 as "belonging to the Miss Barretts". In an old particulars of sale it is described as a three storeyed house, showing a handsome frontage to Church Street with a "pillared entrance, railings and four gates". The property in the Seventeenth Century formed part of the estate of the Kynastons of Maesbury, whose names appear in the lord's rent roll until 1707 as liable for chief rent in respect of "caeglasse" belonging to them in "Church Street".

Following a succession of tenants the property passed to Mr. Charles Jones of Rossett who in November 1908 wrote to the Town Council, offering to sell the land, conditionally upon its conversion into a public park and pleasure ground, together with the messuages, offices and 34 and 36 Church Street occupied by Messrs. Bull, for the sum of £6,000, and further, that he was willing to contribute £200 towards the laying out of the grounds.

View of Cae Glas
Cae Glas Statue
View of Bandstand
View of Cae Glas

The Park was formally opened to the public on the 23rd June 1910.

By a conveyance dated the 12th August, 1909, land and premises known as Cae Glas, together with two adjoining houses, were sold to the Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of the Borough of Oswestry for £6,000.

The conveyance included a covenant on the part of the Corporation that Cae Glas Park would "not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than a public walk or pleasure ground".

The bowling green was acquired by gift in 1932 for the same purposes and two additional portions of land were added by purchase in 1951 and 1952.

The Oswestry Corporation, and its successors maintained Cae Glas Park until 1975, when the Town Council leased it following Local Government reorganisation to Oswestry Borough Council. The Borough Council surrendered the lease and walked away from the Park in 1993, thereby returning responsibility to Oswestry Town Council. Onerous management and financial responsibilities were consequently absorbed, in the best interests of the site and local inhabitants. The only other alternative was to close the Park.

Photo of the new children's play area
Photo of the new children's play area
Photo of the new children's play area
View of Children's play area

In 1998 a Heritage Lottery Award of £283,800 was granted enabling major improvements to be undertaken.

2006 saw the official opening of the 'Sports Village' which is home to Oswestry Team Tennis who are looking at gaining much interest from schools and clubs to make good use of the new sports facilities for floodlit tennis, floodlit 5 a-side football, mini tennis, cricket wicket and cage, basketball and netball.

Contacting Oswestry Town Council

You can contact the council via any of the methods below:

Oswestry Town Council,
The Guildhall,
SY11 1PZ

Tel: 01691 680222
Fax: 01691 671080
E-mail: enquiries(at)