Oswestry Town Charities

Oswestry Town Charities comprises the Charities of Eure & Smale (Smales Cottage almshouses) and the Richard Wycherley Charity.

The Charities are administered by three Nominative Trustees, two co-optative Trustees together with three Ex-officio Trustees being the Vicar of Oswestry, the Minister of the Holy Trinity Church and President of the Free Church Council.

Trustees presently are;

Councillor Miss B.Y. Gull (Chairman); Co-optative Trustee

Mr T Lowry; Nominative Trustee

Miss J. Williams; Co-optative Trustee

Councillor C. Stokes; Nominative Trustee

Mrs. E. Channon; Nominative Trustee

Mrs C Hawksley; Nominative Trustee

Reverend G.O. Jones, President of the Free Church Council; Ex-Officio Trustee

Reverend Paul Darlington, Holy Trinity Church, Ex-Officio Trustee

Reverend Simon Thorburn, St Oswalds Parish Church, Ex-Officio Trustee

Mr. R.A. Dyke (Clerk to the Trustees).

Contacting Oswestry Town Council

You can contact the council via any of the methods below:

Oswestry Town Council,
The Guildhall,
SY11 1PZ

Tel: 01691 680222
Fax: 01691 671080
E-mail: enquiries(at)oswestry-tc.gov.uk

Twitter: @OswestryTC
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