Sixty allotment gardens are provided in the Woodside and Gatacre areas for Oswestry Town residents. A thriving Allotment Association assists the administration of the gardens. The Council provides accommodation and supports the Association in its Annual Show.  The Gatacre Allotments are managed on behalf of the Council by the Gatacre Allotment Society.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or issues regarding the allotments please let us know.

If you wish to lease an allotment please use the allotment application form.

Please click on the below link to view the Gatacre Allotments Website


Summary of Rules

1. You must reside within the town of Oswestry and pay a levy to Oswestry Town Council.

2. Allotments will be allocated, in accordance with the waiting list, by the Gatacre Allotments and Gardens Association. Tenants are required to be members of the Gatacre Allotments and Gardens Association, such membership thereby including cover for public liability insurance.

3. The tenant shall during the tenancy carry out the following obligations:

a. The Allotment Garden shall be kept in a clean, decent and good condition and properly cultivated;

b. No nuisance or annoyance shall be caused by the tenant to any tenant of any other part of the Allotments provided by the Council;

c. No livestock or poultry of any kind shall be kept upon the Allotment Garden other than reasonable numbers of hens or rabbits for the tenant's own domestic consumption;

d. No dog shall be brought into or kept in the area of the Allotments by the tenant or by anyone acting with his authority or approval;

e. The tenant shall not assign the tenancy nor sub-let or part with the possession of any part of the Allotment Garden;

f. The tenant shall not erect any building or other permanent structure on the Allotment Garden nor fence the Garden without first obtaining the written consent of the Council;

g. The tenant shall maintain in decent order all fences and ditches bordering the Allotment Garden and shall keep in decent order all hedges forming any boundary of the Allotment Garden;

h. The tenant shall not without first obtaining the written consent of the Council grow, cut, lop or fell any tree growing on or bordering the Allotment Garden;

i. The tenant shall cultivate the Allotment Garden for, and shall use it only for, the production of fruit, vegetables and flowers for domestic consumption by him/her self and his/her family;

j. The tenant shall permit the inspection at all reasonable times of the Allotment Garden by any officer of the Council;

k. The tenant shall not obstruct or permit the obstruction of any of the paths on the allotments set out for the use of the tenants of the Allotment Gardens.

4.The Council shall pay all rates, taxes dues or other assessments which may at any time be levied or charged upon the Allotment Garden.

Full information available on the Tenancy Agreement.

Contacting Oswestry Town Council

You can contact the council via any of the methods below:

Oswestry Town Council,
The Guildhall,
SY11 1PZ

Tel: 01691 680222
Fax: 01691 671080
E-mail: enquiries(at)