Oswestry Bid

Oswestry Business Improvement District (BID) is a designated area in which businesses benefit from a wide range of additional services over and above those funded through the standard commercial rates and council services.

It is created by businesses and organisations that come together to collaborate on initiatives that improve where they trade or do business. BIDs are driven by participating businesses – who work together to draw up a business plan which is voted on and, if agreed, is then funded through a levy based on business rateable values, as well as trying to lever in additional funding where possible for investment into the delivery of projects for the benefit of businesses.

The benefits of a BID do not just come from the ability to deliver projects and services from a guaranteed budget, but from the collective influence of the businesses in the BID Area. It can positively influence perceptions about a place for residents, potential visitors and business investors.

The influence of the collective voice of businesses working together also translates into productive relationships and outcomes when working with stakeholders, such as the Local Authorities, the Local Economic Partnership and other organisations including the Police, to meet the Oswestry business community’s needs.

For further information, visit Oswestry BID’s website –

Oswestry BID’s Website