Cae Glas Park

Charity Background

  • The Cae Glas Charity was established by a scheme of the Charity Commissioners sealed on the 20th of January 1994. Its aim is to improve the parkland of Oswestry known as Cae Glas Park.
  • By a conveyance dated the 12th August, 1909, land and premises known as Cae Glas, together with two adjoining houses, were sold to the Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of the Borough of Oswestry for £6,000. The Park was formally opened to the public on the 23rd June 1910.
  • The Charity Commission website details the purpose of the charity as “Maintenance and upkeep of the property known as Cae Glas Park or such land acquired for use as a recreation ground for the benefit of the inhabitants of the town of Oswestry”.

Assets/Liabilities. The principle assets of the charity include:

  • The parkland,
  • Property – Park Keepers Lodge
  • Investment Portfolio
  • Funding and expenditure profile
  • The charity derives rental income from the Park Keepers Lodge, from investment income, and income from sports facilities. This is paid to Oswestry Town Council as contribution to the upkeep of the park as agreed between the two parties. The Town Council manages and maintains Cae Glas Park on behalf of the charity and funds the majority of the running of the park.


  • The Cae Glas Charity (No10363331) is constituted by Deed of trust with Oswestry Town Council as Trustees with the Town Clerk appointed as Clerk to the Trustees.
  • The trust meets at least twice yearly.
  • For further information visit the Cae Glas Charity overview on the GOV website.