Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Oswestry Town Council are pleased to be working with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

If you're shopping in Tesco's in Ellesmere please vote for us!

A project that will see Oswestry bloom with hundreds of new bee-friendly plants has been selected for the Tesco's Bags of Help scheme. The size of the grant will be decided by Tesco shoppers in Ellesmere during July and August, who will be given tokens to vote for one of three schemes.

The Oswestry Branch of Shropshire Wildlife Trust has put together a project called Flowers for bees to make the town more wildlife-friendly by planting nectar-rich plants, shrubs and trees - it will look lovely, smell gorgeous and help our bees.

Many of our wild bees are in serious decline because of a massive loss of wildflower habitats. The good news is that people can do a lot to help them by growing nectar-rich plants in their gardens.

This project will involve improving two sites in Oswestry town centre: Cae Glas Park and the garden of local, independent cinema, Kinokulture. We will work with Oswestry Town Council to replant the sensory garden with a selection of bee-friendly, colourful perennials, while the garden at Kinokulture will be reinvigorated, with new planting and management of existing features, including the willow tunnel, which can now be pruned back into shape. Willow is a very good source of food for bees. Most of this work will be carried out by local volunteers, led by the Oswestry Branch of Shropshire Wildlife Trust, but some of it will involve specialist contractors.

Next summer we will run an open wildlife gardens trail around Oswestry. "This project will benefit local wildlife and make our town more enjoyable for people too - please give Flowers for bees your vote if you're shopping in Tesco's in Ellesmere. We are guaranteed £1,000 but this could be increased to £2,000 or £4,000 depending on which project wins the most votes.

For further information please contact Sarah Gibson 01691 662745.

Thursday 13 July 2017

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