Gilbert & Gordon

The Town Mayor Councillor Vince Hunt was pleased to support the Flame Lighting Ceremony today for the project “Gilbert and Gordon - Then All The World Could See How In Love We Are”.

In summary the project is about the creation, cremation and transformation of love letters from ink to ash to diamond.

The Mayor of Oswestry was joined by many guests and representative of the Oswestry community including retired Flight Lieutenant Caroline Paige, the first openly transgender officer to serve in the British Armed Force.

The title and inspiration comes from love letters exchanged between two WWII soldiers, Oswestry based Gunner Gilbert Bradley and Infantryman Gordon Bowsher. The 600 letters became the subject of worldwide interest and media attention earlier this year when they were first uncovered after an appeal on BBC Radio Shropshire.

The project seeks to recognise and celebrate the diversity of love within our communities in 2017 by creating a commemorative diamond ring from the ashes of burned love letters written by members of the public. In 2018 following a public ceremony the ring will be presented to Oswestry Town Museum to be displayed in the museum's exhibition for 'all the world to see'. We hope the ring will serve as a symbol of the diversity of love experienced in 2017 and a tribute to the love Gilbert and Gordon, and many LGBTQ+ people like them, were never legally allowed to express in their lifetimes.


The Flame of Remembrance will be burning each day over the course of the Heritage Open Days. You are welcome to drop-in, compose and commit your love letters to the flame at any time, but here are some key events you we'd love to welcome you to at Oswestry Town Museum.

Thursday 7 September at 12.00: Flame Lighting Ceremony

Saturday 9 September 14.00-15.30: See the letters up close and personal with curator Mark Hignett

Sunday 10 September at 19.41: Flame Extinguishing Ceremony

Thursday 7 September 2017

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