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Oswestry Town Visitor Centre Open for Business

30 years after opening visitors are discovering Oswestry Town TIC Despite being in Oswestry Visitor & Exhibition Centre for over 30 years, visitors and towns people alike seem to be only just discovering the town information centre!

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Oswestry Tour Guides want you to ‘Be A Local Tourist’

How well do you know Oswestry? Oswestry Town Visitor Centre wants to invite you to get to know your town. Every Saturday through the summer and Wednesdays in August, you can meet one of the volunteer guides and be taken on a walking tour of the centre of Oswestry Town.

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Get to Know Oswestry and the Borderlands

Oswestry Borderland Tourism launches updated web site Just in time for summer visitors, Oswestry Borderland Tourism has re-launched their web site:

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Park Compliments

Thank you for all the many comments and social media praise for Cae Glas Park over the last few weeks. The Council is delighted to see so many local s and visitors alike enjoying the Park and its many facilities. As the school holidays begin in earnest then the number of daily visitors is rapidly increasing and this we love to see.

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Town Council Corporate Plan 2014 - 2017

Please click below to view a copy of our Corporate Plan.

Corporate Plan 2014-2017

The document contains our vision, aims and objectives and series of priorities and actions for the current period of this Council. The Plan was widely consulted upon and is constantly under review.

Oswestry was selected by Government to be a pathfinder for neighbourhood planning as part its Localism legislation.

Working with the local community ,through groups and individuals ,we are one of the first town councils in England to complete a neighbourhood plan.

Support was engaged through professional planning and consultation consultants and the process and resulting action plan was produced over a 12 month period.

The plan gives a strong community mandate to the town council and Shropshire Council.

Our thanks are offered to all those who took part in the process.

27 July Heritage Lottery funded the restoration of the first grave in our Oswestry Cemetery - Boxing Day 1862
27 July Cemetery Management meeting. Garden of Remembrance and review of rules and regulations on agenda. #oswestry cemetery
27 July Thanks to everyone for the messages and social media praising Cae Glas Park. It does look fantastic. #oswestry

Your Council

Your Council is responsible for a wide range of services which effect the daily lives of people who live and work in Oswestry. If you are not sure what your council does, then why not take a look to find out.

Who is your Councillor

With 18 Councillors covering the Seven Wards of Oswestry it's easy to not know who your councillor is or which ward you live in, our interactive map will help you to find out.

Meet the Town Mayor

The Town Mayor is Councillor Paul Milner. The Mayoress is Mandy Whittaker. The Mayor and Mayoress are keen to meet as many people as possible during their year in Office. If you would like to extend an invitation to them for any event you have then please email